Hey, Facebook: Instagram's customer service blows by Jamie Young

A couple of weeks ago, my friend alerted me to the fact that someone on Instagram had stolen one of my photos and was pretending to be me by also using my profile photo. The same profile photo I use for everything online. It's part of my personality. You see that mustache mug and you know it's Jamie. 

Well, not anymore. 

So, I did some research and found the proper form to fill out online to report an impersonation account. I told them they had stolen one of my photos from Instagram and also my profile picture. I am certain it's a bot, so I told them that as well. But, well, my response was less than satisfactory (see below: bottom to top).

Um. Really? Did they even read my response?

I then sent another email in response: "Can you please answer my question? It is definitely intending to mislead. You just responded with the same Text Expander snippet you sent me last time and ignored my actual question."

That last email was sent August 21, and so far has been unanswered. And the account is still up on Instagram. 

What worries me most, is that Facebook/Instagram is not concerned about removing bots whatsoever. In fact, it seems they have bots doing their customer service work for them too. Is the person who is using my photos trying to be me to hurt to me? No. But they are definitely scamming and misleading and could hurt other people. And they are certainly impersonating my likeness via their profile picture.

That's me. Those are my photos. And that account is a bot. 

I just want a response, Instagram. 

My plea to Tapbots to fix the Tweetbot 3 app for iOS by Jamie Young

I submitted the following via Tapbots' support form on June 13, over two weeks ago. I haven't heard back or seen any of the issues addressed. Anyone that knows me, knows how much I love Tweetbot, but also knows how important apps that work properly are to me (especially if it's affecting how I use Twitter). 

Hey Tapbots, 

I'm a huge fan of your apps, particularly Tweetbot; but ever since Tweetbot 3 was released, I've been pretty bummed: It now takes way more taps to accomplish simple tasks, I have almost 200 drafts (yes, I realize I'm psycho) in Tweetbot 2 I can't part with, and much more. So I decided it wasn't worth it just for the "iOS 7 redesign."

But just this week, I decided to try Tweetbot 3 for a third time. Give it another chance (I really want to like it; I really want it to work).

But nope. No can do. This time I unfortunately ran into new issues and issues I hadn't even noticed before. 

Because I love Tweetbot and I want to be able to finally use Tweetbot 3 (that I paid for) instead of its predecessor, Tweetbot 2, I thought I'd email you guys the bugs and issues with Tweetbot 3. You know, formally.  

- Drafts. Can I export these from Tweetbot 2 somehow into Tweetbot 3? Why are these not synced somewhere? They should also sync across all platforms (iPhone, iPad, Mac). There has got to be some solution here. 
- Replying to a tweet starts with a lowercase. This should not be the case. I am writing a sentence. The beginning of a sentence begins with a capital letter. Grammar nazi Jamie can't handle this; it makes me twitch. If some people prefer to begin their sentences with a lowercase letter, fine. But then make this an option (or toggle) in settings. Don't force improper grammar on us. Think of the children!
- I receive notifications twice anytime they happen. On top of that, I also get notifications three, sometimes four, times later. For example, recently I got a follow notification from 2 hours prior that I had already received from Tweetbot 3 twice when it happened. So, that's three notifications for the same god damn thing. You guys were nice enough to tweet at me twice with "fixes" for this, but neither of them worked whatsoever (resetting notification cache, turning notifications off for 10 minutes, then back on — not even sure how that would be a fix, to be honest). Clearly this is a big issue. And I know other users who have been experiencing the same for months.
- I used to be able to tap on the banner notifications for Tweetbot notifications and be taken to them within the app. But in Tweetbot 3, I am no longer able to interact with them whether I am in Tweetbot already or not. Ex. I'm reading someone's timeline in Tweetbot 3. Someone replies to one of my tweets from earlier. A banner pops up notifying me of this (twice, I might add - ahem). I tap the banner. It doesn't take me to my replies like it would in Tweetbot 2. Why was this feature removed? It was very helpful.

I'm sure there are more things that I'm forgetting, but these are the make its and break its for me.

So, Tapbots, please. I'm begging you, here. Fix up the app. Because, right now, Tweetbot 2 is far superior and works 100 times better. And I want to be able to use the app I paid for. 

I want to finally be able to use Tweetbot 3. 

Thanks for all you do. And kudos for reading this far. 

Maybe I should just get a refund.

I know there are others who are still using Tweetbot 2, as well, due to these issues and problems. Or maybe you've moved on to another Twitter app altogether. Either way, speak up! I want to hear from you, even if Tapbots doesn't.

Path emailed me to convince me to come back, and the result was hilarious by Jamie Young

On Tuesday, I had an email from Path in my inbox (warning: clicking the Path link may cause blindness or seizures). It was a "please come back, see what you're missing" email. The algorithm is supposed to take random posts from my still active friends on Path. But this result did not incentivize me. Instead, it was ironically pathetic. And hilarious.

Because I thought it was so funny, I tweeted a screenshot of the email. That tweet gained traction quickly, and has 500+ retweets and 500+ favs. My screenshot even made it into Valleywag

I thought you guys may want to see the hilarious replies and reactions, so I Storified them.

This was the result.

Whisper by Jamie Young

So, Whisper came out last week. I know. I, too, prefer to yell as I don't quite have an inside voice, but they can call it whatever they want, because I'm sold.

Whisper is a group chat client for made by the awesome guys who created Riposte (currently my ADN iPhone app of choice). And it's beautiful. Since I've been playing around with it a lot lately, I'm becoming more and more enamored with it. It has even earned a spot on my homescreen. Especially since I can launch Riposte from within it. I just switched them out without even thinking about it (which is not very like me).


The app is super fast and works well for big groups as well as one-on-one conversations. You can share pictures and locations (including your own or anywhere you want to meet someone) as well. I definitely see this being used like crazy this next week among developers in San Francisco for WWDC. It's a great convention tool. 

I would love to use this as our main communication channel for work, too.

But, more than anything else, I would love to have this gorgeous app available on the Mac. I would pay good money to be able to use it on my Macbook. Not to mention the possibilities of having this chat for other platforms—like Twitter—really could open up communication in new ways. In new, better ways. This is more proof ADN is such a great thing for developers and app innovation. 

Oh! Did I mention it comes bundled with some badass emoji (called stickers)? That's right. And that's probably the best part. I'm talking Grumpy Cat, Picard, Caruso...pretty much all things awesome

By the way, Whisper is free. So, there's that. They also already updated the app and, let me tell you, probably the best app release notes I've ever read right here (next to Yelp's).

Plus, if you get it...THEN WE CAN WHISPER TO EACH OTHER IN OUR OUTSIDE VOICES. I'm @atjamie on ADN, by the way. If there was ever any doubt.

But seriously: I can't stop using this app.