Here's a little more about me...

Be Good: I play a game called League of Legends. My friends always make fun of me because I will get angry when someone is mean to someone else in the game, or takes a health buff from someone on the team who really needs it when they don't. I have this super weird moral thing where I just think everyone should be good. Just be good to each other. I'm not naive; I just like it when everyone is treated with respect. I think being good to others and being good at what you do starts with simply being good yourself.

Listen: Communication is the backbone of everything. Everything I do, everything you do, everything we all do. But one thing people sometimes forget about communication is that the key is to listen. You're not communicating if you're not listening. 

Don't Grow Up: I don't think I'll ever stop playing pranks on people. Not all of the time, but sometimes. Ever since I was a kid, it became a part of who I am. I love laughing, but more than anything I love making people laugh. That will forever be my favorite thing.

Content is the Soul: A company after my own heart. Stories are everything to me. From telling my eighth grade class at graduation the story about stealing our home room teacher's giant podium as a prank (remind me and I'll tell you sometime) to writing an entire blog post about traveling across the country with a succulent plant, I love telling stories. Everything is a story to me. And, honestly, the people with the best stories are people over 70. My favorite story teller is my grandmother. Ask the next stranger you meet to tell you a story; you'll be surprised. Everyone has something interesting to tell.

Invent Door Knobs: When I worked at AppAdvice as a writer, app reviewer, and Editor in Chief, I had hundreds of new apps thrown at me each day. We couldn't possibly review that many, so I was always searching for the best. One of my true tests to see quickly if an app was going to be great was how easy it was to use. My motto was always: If I can't figure out how to use it quickly and easily, without a lengthy tutorial, it's not going to stick. People aren't going to like an app they have to work at. They want things to just work. I want my mom to be able to pick it up and use it with ease without having to ask questions or be confused.

Exceed Expectations: I get this from my dad. My dad always ingrained in us as children in school, scholars in college, and still as hard-working adults: Do your absolute best...and then some. I have high expectations of other people, but I also have very high expectations of myself. I pride myself on that.

Crave Beauty: I'm always curious about things and wanting to learn, so I've finally started to teach myself hand lettering. I've never done anything like it in my life. I've just started and I'm already obsessed. I'm no artist, but the delicacy and beauty of hand lettering—the detail and simplicity—is amazing. It's even soothing in its own way. 

Create Delight: I waited so many tables as a teenager. I even delivered pizzas for a long time in college. Dealing with people in the food industry at that level is one of the hardest and best things I've ever had to deal with. I wouldn't trade that experience for anything because all of that customer service has helped me become who I am today. As a 20-something working at Pizza Hut, my manager would put me on the phone with an angry, cussing, disgruntled customer because in less than 60 seconds I would have them calmed down and would have taken care of the situation immediately. I mean, sure, I have a soothing phone voice, but I'm also just honest and caring towards people. I like making people happy, but I'm also great at making them understand more than just their own perspective. I'm also just very respectful. I demand respect for myself, but give it back ten fold. My goal is to one day write a book about all of the stories I have and people I've met working in the food industry. 

Think "What If?": I just wrote something about this. It was about regrets. Everyone is so afraid of them, but I think they're one of the best things to have. I wear my regrets proudly. They're not failure, they're learning experiences. So, sure, I have regrets...but I embrace them. They're proof that I've lived and taken chances—like this.