Hey, Facebook: Instagram's customer service blows / by Jamie Young

A couple of weeks ago, my friend alerted me to the fact that someone on Instagram had stolen one of my photos and was pretending to be me by also using my profile photo. The same profile photo I use for everything online. It's part of my personality. You see that mustache mug and you know it's Jamie. 

Well, not anymore. 

So, I did some research and found the proper form to fill out online to report an impersonation account. I told them they had stolen one of my photos from Instagram and also my profile picture. I am certain it's a bot, so I told them that as well. But, well, my response was less than satisfactory (see below: bottom to top).

Um. Really? Did they even read my response?

I then sent another email in response: "Can you please answer my question? It is definitely intending to mislead. You just responded with the same Text Expander snippet you sent me last time and ignored my actual question."

That last email was sent August 21, and so far has been unanswered. And the account is still up on Instagram. 

What worries me most, is that Facebook/Instagram is not concerned about removing bots whatsoever. In fact, it seems they have bots doing their customer service work for them too. Is the person who is using my photos trying to be me to hurt to me? No. But they are definitely scamming and misleading and could hurt other people. And they are certainly impersonating my likeness via their profile picture.

That's me. Those are my photos. And that account is a bot. 

I just want a response, Instagram.