Meet my new project: / by Jamie Young

My head is constantly filled with ideas for apps, services, websites, and books. Though, some are still in the process of coming to life, one came to fruition this weekend. And I'm super excited about it.


I like poetry. A lot. And I've been thinking more and more about how it seems like a dead art; no one seems to read or write poetry much. It's not hip anymore. Well, I want to change that. Because poetry is amazing and beautiful; poetry can heal your soul. 

The idea for came from something I would tell my boyfriend all too often:

"Everyone needs more poetry in their life."

I think this past week put that even more in perspective for me, with everything that's been going on in the world. Will poetry fix all our problems? Of course not. But it can help us in a lot of other ways we probably don't realize.

For one, writing poetry is proven to be therapeutic. It can help with many illnesses, like depression. Poetry can even help you with your memory. This one hits close to home for me. My grandmother has Alzheimer's and is one of the many reasons I am who I am today. Among other types of literature, she loved poetry. She wrote and recited her own often. When the Alzheimer's first started to affect her, you could tell how hard she was fighting: She would recite the same poem she wrote when she was a young girl to us. She still remembered it. It was still in there. She was hanging on. Hanging on with a poem. 

Needless to say, this project means a lot to me. 

Our inboxes aren't very happy places anymore. They can incite feelings of being stressed, frustrated, and overwhelmed. 

You need more happiness in your inbox. You need more poetry in your life. And aims to accomplish both. Simply subscribe to and start receiving a handpicked poem once a day to make your inbox a little bit happier.

We promise that this email will be one you look forward to each day.

My hope is that in the future we can begin accepting poem submissions—poems you love, even poems written by you or someone you know—to be included in the daily email. I don't just want to share the poetry I love, I want to read and share the poetry you guys love, too.

So, please, go! Sign up for! We'll be launching later in September—which is very soon, I know, but I wanted to get this rolling and get you poetry as soon as possible. I'd like to start with a good amount of people on the list, so please do tell your friends and family, or even share with a stranger you meet at your coffee shop today.

Because everyone needs more poetry in their life. 

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