On #Ferguson... / by Jamie Young

Civil Rights Act, 1964. 50 years later. Ferguson, Missouri, 2014. 

Civil Rights Act, 1964. 50 years later. Ferguson, Missouri, 2014. 

"Everything happens for a reason." 

I always hated it when someone said that to me when something terrible happened. What a cop out. What a bad excuse. What's the reason for hate? For hurt? For pain? It never seemed logical to me. 

Then today it hit me. 

"Everything happens for a reason."

Normally I'd say that's bullshit, but it occurred to me that a lot of us—hell, let's be honest, most of us—wouldn't be aware, wouldn't be standing up for our rights, for what's right, if it wasn't taken to this level. As unfortunate and god awful as these events over the past week have been, perhaps that's what it took for us to truly see what's going on. 

And boy have the Ferguson police department, and other government officials, shown us. Thanks for showing us. Thanks for showing us your true colors. Now we know what it looks like. Now we can see the problem clearly. 

Death and hate and taking away our freedoms are not okay. That's not right. But I'm glad we're all aware of it now. Thanks to social media, thanks to the journalists on the front line standing up for our rights when we're unable to because we're so far away. 

I don't typically write about things like this. But my heart is so heavy after hearing, and seeing, everything going on in Ferguson, Missouri after Michael Brown's death, that I just needed to let some of it out. 

I'll leave you with this video. If your heart can take a bit more, that is. Because this is scary.

But I'm glad we're aware. That's important. Thanks for making us aware, Ferguson.

Be safe. 

Stand up. 

We're with you.