Why I can't wait to be 30 / by Jamie Young

Today, I'm 29. Exactly one year from this date I'm going to be 30. So, I thought I'd write about why I can't wait to be 30.

It seems to be the trend that people, especially of the female persuasion, dread aging. But really? Youth is subjective. They say you're as young as you feel and I really do believe that. Age is just a number.

I think people dread getting older mostly because so many of us are just comfortable; we're content with our routines, with our lives, and sometimes don't realize just how much happier we can be, how much more we're going to accomplish in our lives. So thinking about being older isn't exciting; we think we'll just be doing the same thing with the same people in the same place except this time we'll have back problems and have to take more medications and have more wrinkles.

But I'm not content being content. I love adventure. And I'm going to make sure that every day until I'm 30 I have a story to tell. After all, I need more material for my book.

I am over my 20s. Once you get through your 20s, your life isn't over. It must be the same people who say high school was the best time of their life that think this. Sure, I had fun as a crazy, angsty teenager, but I'm having even more fun being a mature adult — and I can drink legally now.

I don't know about you, but high school was definitely not the best years of my life. The best years of my life are yet to come — and I can't wait!

I am so glad I've grown (in more ways than one). I'm more myself than I ever was; and when I'm 40, I'll be even more myself. And 50. And 60. And I can't wait to be 80. Think of all the things I'll have experienced by then!

I'm more self-aware as I get older. And more confident. I've grown into my own skin. I'm wiser, too. I've learned from past mistakes, and I've also learned not to have regrets. No real regrets at least.

And when I turn 40, I'll look back on all the mistakes I made, and adventures I had, in my 30s. I'll laugh. I'll smile. And I'll look forward to making new mistakes. 40-year-old mistakes. Then 50-year-old mistakes. So many mistakes. So many lessons. So many laughs. So much experience. So much adventure. So much love.

But just as much as I can't wait to be out of my 20s and trying my 30s on for the first time, I also can't wait for tomorrow.

I've eaten every single one of those 30 chocolates and I'm ready for the next box. Bring it on.

I can't wait to be 30.