What's In My Bag: Purse Edition (Or Why I'm A Bag Lady) / by Jamie Young

So, I have this problem. I'm addicted to porn. Home screen porn, bag porn, workspace porn — I love looking at what people use in their everyday lives. It's like a drug. From which apps you use on your mobile devices and home computer to what you carry in your gadget bag each day to how your organize your desktop — I want to see it all!

I don't know what it is, but I could look at "What's In My Bag" posts all day long. There should be a blog devoted ONLY to those. Maybe that's my next project... 

So, here I am.

I used to not carry purses. Typically, I would just carry my phone and a laptop bag or backpack with everything I needed in it (you can actually see a photo of what was all in my old laptop bag here). Now? Now, I keep way too many things in my purse. 

I'm a bag lady.

I was cleaning out my purse the other day — so therapeutic, by the way — and reorganized everything. That's when I decided it's time I do a "What's In My Bag" post of my own. 

The purse is a Kooba hobo in chartreuse (sorry, I can't find a link online anywhere). Honestly? That's what I like about this purse most: the color. Chartreuse is a putrid, neon greenish yellow color. And I fucking love it. The photos don't really show the true color of the purse (looks more mustard in these photos I think), but, trust me, it's magnificent. 

The other main things I keep in my purse are my wallet, my Westone UM2 headphones, brush, business cards, portable charger, sharpie pen, Moleskine notebook, tiny change purse, makeup bag, and a bag with odds and ends. And sometimes, depending on where I'm going and if I need to work or do some reading: my iPad mini.

That notebook-looking thing is my iPad mini case. Typically, I would just array the mini with a smart cover and that's it, but if I'm throwing it in my bag with godknowswhat, I like to protect it a little more. And I love my Dodo case. I customized it myself. The inside is coral. 

My business cards are in that handy dandy white and gray chevron holder. I purchased that from Etsy. If you're interested in where, let me know, and I'll dig up the seller's name for you. It's really simple and small (and soft!); that's why I bought this particular one. 

That Vinnie's tampon case? Yeah, there aren't tampons in there. Sorry. I got it at Big Fun in Cleveland because I thought it was hilarious. That and I love bags. 

In this bag I just keep my emergency items: inhaler, eye drops, shout stain wipe, oil therapy drops in Hangover (awesome — Sephora doesn't seem to carry these specific ones anymore, but they carry many other kinds of therapeutic oils), Q-tips, and bandaids (Hello Kitty because I am a grown ass woman).

The fuchsia bag is for makeup and stuff. It's a Pantone bag from Sephora that I got free with a purchase. I should start a store selling just bags I got free with purchase. Seriously.

In my makeup bag I just keep the essentials: cover up, compact with mirror, nail file, cuticle balm, nail clippers, fragrance, mascara, two lip glosses and a lipstick, moisturizer, and maracuja oil

The adorable fox change purse usually holds any change I may need for meters (which right now I don't), another lip balm, and an old tin that belonged to my late grandmother I keep tiny odds and ends in.

Lastly, there are of course the things that don't have there own bag and are just in the pockets of my purse. Three lip products (because I am a freak who has to have every single kind of lipbalm/lipgloss/lipstick with me at all times), gum, lotion, hand sanitizer, a sample of the new perfume I am obsessed with but can't afford to buy (Prada Candy), and of course some Ibuprofen, Excedrin, and Zyrtec all in one container.

Those three up there are my lip favorites too. My number one must-have lip balm is C.O. Bigelow's Lemon Lip Balm from Bath & Body Works. I think I own like four of these so that I have one available to me at all times — in my bathroom, on my night stand, in my car, and in my purse. If they ever discontinued this lip balm, I would cry. One of my favorite glosses is also a C.O. Bigelow from Bath & Body Works. They come in all different tints (or none at all) and are menthol-infused. And, of course, Baby Lips.

Well, there you have it. If you've made it this far, you must be a porn addict just like me. Because that was a hell of a lot of detail about my purse and its content. 

Want to start a support group?

Me either.