Change and moving on / by Jamie Young

In case you missed the news: I'm moving to Los Angeles on Saturday (Nov. 1). It's where I've been wanting to be for a very long time, so although I'm sad to leave friends and family, I'm very excited for this huge leap forward. 

But there was one bit of news I left out initially: I am also leaving AppAdvice. I've accepted a position with Whisper in Venice Beach and start there next week. And I look forward to being a part of another great team.

I have already written to my coworkers and spoken to them at length about me leaving. The entire team at AppAdvice is like a family to me; I will forever care about them and their success. And I'll miss working them each day. But today, I also wrote to the AppAdvice readers because it only felt right. I didn't want to leave without a nod in their direction because I'll miss the community greatly too. 

I can't wait to finally get settled in at my new position, as well as my new place and new state. I hope that those of you that follow me and keep up with me because of apps and AppAdvice will continue to do so. Because that won't ever change; I'll never stop tweeting about apps and I'll never stop complaining about Yosemite or iOS 8 either. 

So, here's to change and the future—and also to the past, for without my past I wouldn't be where I am today. 

See you all around.